@gmtcomposites #boating

Gmt Composites, #boating, carbon fiber, PowerFurl boom, carbon mast
Gmt Composites, #boating, carbon fiber, PowerFurl boom, carbon mast
Gmt Composites, #boating, carbon fiber, PowerFurl boom, carbon mast
Gill, GMT Composites, #boating
Gill, GMT Composites, #boating

Re: GMT Preferred Service Program:

Dear Marine Industry Yard, Builder, Designer, & Rigger Types,

Picture yourself wearing some sweet Gill apparel compliments of GMT! All you have to do is post a great picture of your yard in action or work that you do on social media pages. Sure, this is part of our master plan to add new contacts to our website, but why not have a little fun while doing so?

It's simple: Just take what you feel is a cool picture of your place of business; it could be a sunrise over the docks, a nice boat being worked on, or even the yard dog. Post your picture on your Facebook page, or on Twitter or Instagram account with the contest hashtag #boating. Be sure to tag us (@gmtcomposites) in the post so you are entered in the prize drawings! If you are not active on social media - just email me your picture and I will post it for you.

Also, email me your business contact information and the name of the person at the yard who would handle service calls. We will post the contact info on our "Preferred Service Locations" page. The idea is to share what you do with the world, get your contact information out there, and have some fun doing it.

In return, GMT will do three things for your business, plus provide some nice give-aways for you:

- First, we will promote the #boating posts on social media to expand all of our exposure.

- We will enter your contact information in our "Preferred Service Locations" section in our website.

- We will highlight the yards whose pictures have generated the most interest online on the back cover of our semi-annual newsletter called Carbonics.

Did I say lastly? Sorry, one more important thing - we are partnering with Gill apparel to give away some great swag to a random drawing of the people who actually post a picture and send their contact info. We are not talking just key rings either - this is Gill performance apparel with the grand prize being their OS2 Offshore jacket. Sweet!

This event is open to anyone at the business - from owner to newbie. It starts today (June 10th), and goes thru the end of this month. So how about it - post up your pictures of what it is that makes the marine industry great, confirm your business contact info, and sign up to win some great swag.

We look forward to partnering with you.

Best regards,

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Here's the type of pic we are talking about (anything to do with boats really), and the Gill apparel that will be given away.