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Carbonics 33

Check the latest issue of Carbonics by downloading the pdf version below. See how we saved literally a bus load of weight on a 100' schooner, our latest launches, project updates, SeaStairs for an explorer, and even our top secret stuff.

Why masts can fail in a collision

Why masts can fail in collisions: Hylas 70

From an engineering standpoint, masts are considered to be columns in compression. All the loads from the sails are directed by the standing rigging into compressive loads along the length of the mast. These loads typically run into the tens of thousands of pounds. For instance, the Hylas 70 carries 2,419 sq/ft of sail area between its main sail and genoa. In a 12 knot breeze this generates 4900 lbs of horizontal load, and a compressive load in the mast to exceed 135,000 pounds!

High Performance Yacht: GMT rig bound for Brazil

With the resounding success of working together on the arch for the 125' superyacht Calliope, Langan Design Partners has once again turned to GMT - but for a carbon rig this time.

Langan has been commissioned by a Brazilian client to design a 55' high performance yacht. She will suit the owner's desire for a very fast, yet manageable day boat for some racing, but also for fun and fast sailing with friends. The boat will have a canting keel, hi-tech construction, and a GMT carbon mast and boom.

GMT to build custom SeaStairs for Nordlund 106' Long Range Cruiser

Nordlund Yachts in Tacoma, WA came to GMT when they realized an “off the shelf” boarding solution would not satisfy their client. They wanted a set of SeaStairs that offered several design specifications not readily available on the market. They needed the stairs to provide multiple mounting angles, a landing platform option, and to be light w/ a maximum storage height of 4.5”.

Carbonics 32

To download pdf file, click link below

From Alvin to airplanes, east coast boat builders to west, and everything in between, check out our latest Carbonics issue #32.

To read more and see the full issue #32 of GMT's newsletter "Carbonics" see the link below. tours GMT

Summerwind Then and Now:

GMT carbon Pocket Boom when new

About 4 years ago, GMT was part of a great refit project on the 1929 Alden designed 100' schooner Summerwind. GMT built two carbon fiber pocket booms in our hand painted "faux bois" finish to match the Sitka spruce masts. The first picture above is from when she launched after the refit. The second picture was taken and posted on Facebook by Mark Bandy (manager of East of Maui) dockside in Annapolis, MD in November 2012. As you can see, she is as pretty as ever, and her carbon booms look as convincing as they did 4 years ago!

GMT goes deep with Alvin

Alvin gets ready f or refit.  From WHOI

GMT Composites, Inc. was selected by Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to build the three primary main ballast tanks on the Navy's renowned research submersible Alvin.

Under WHOI's management, Alvin is undergoing a major 2 stage refit program to upgrade its maximum depth rating from 4,500 meters (14,764') to 6,500 meters (21,326') in a quest to bring 98% of the ocean floor within reach of researchers in Alvin.

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