Sea Stairs

Going ashore can be a risky business when tides change your leaping angle to the quay. Most passerrelle/boarding systems are built for heavy motoryachts and come with complex hydraulic systems, so they’re heavy and complicated. We’ve been building an alternative that’s neither.

Our Sea Stairs articulate to account for the rise and fall of the tide. And, of course, we build them on a custom basis so that they’re perfectly matched to their yacht. We can vary dimensions to permit passage of wheelchairs, shopping carts or other items, and to reach as far as needed.

The one pictured here is 109 inches long, 20.5 inches wide and weighs just 60 pounds, light enough to be suspended by halyard and adjusted without hydraulics. An aluminum alternative would be nearly twice as heavy, less easy to maneuver, and take many more crew to rig.