Lightweight Showers for Boeing Jets

A Russian industrialist’s new Boeing 767-200 jet is the latest aircraft to be fitted with two custom composite shower enclosures built by GMT Composites. We have now delivered twenty of these unusual enclosures.

Each latest circular shower is 40 inches (1m) in diameter and 80 inches (2m) tall; each was delivered in three pieces to facilitate installation by MAV Aircraft (Fort Worth, TX), contractor for the Russian jet’s special interior.

Constructed of aramid honeycomb cored fiberglass and flame-retardant epoxy, these enclosures feature a curved transparent Lexan door plus integral soap-niche column. A single complete shower enclosure weighs only 160 pounds (72.6 kg), less than half of what each would weigh if built of standard aircraft or marine materials.

The intricacies of the airborne showers include surprisingly complex shaping, the need for perfect curvatures for non-binding yet watertight door closure, an integral anti-slip floor texture with perimeter drain, scrupulous attention to weight control, an unblemished shiny finish, and –in this case- full compliance with FAA Form 8130 airworthiness specifications.