New GMT Rudder On Sail Training Vessel

The sail-training vessel Spirit of Bermuda, an 88-foot replica of an 1830’s schooner, uses a carbon composite rudder and rudder post engineered and built by GMT. The reasons for employing this newer technology in a replica were to take weight out of the stern and to increase the safety factor of the steering system.
The Spirit of Bermuda was built for the Bermuda Sloop Foundation to teach teamwork, academic and trade skills to the youth of Bermuda. The program and construction were broadly supported by Bermudians and local institutions who believed that Bermuda’s sailing traditions needed to be reinvigorated.
The Bermudian’s rudder development and construction were easily accomplished. GMT has been building rudder blades and stocks for years, often for yachts that require much more extreme shapes and weight-savings. And Spirit of Bermuda is plying the waters around Bermuda, fulfilling its mission beautifully.
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