Headstay base for Sheherazade

This 154-foot ketch was designed by Bruce King for fast sailing. So, she features a 190-foot mainmast whose headstay load was computed to reach as much as 195,000 pounds when punching into the kinds of seas she could encounter while sailing the world’s oceans.
Built in 2003 by Hodgdon Brothers in Easy Boothbay, Maine, Sheherazade is widely regarded as one of the handsomest sailing yachts afloat. To achieve her classic appearance, King gave her a long, thin bow – ending in a stemhead fitting where her headstay connects with her hull structure; it’s a very tight space to fit a base capable of carrying such huge loading forces.

That’s a task for which carbon fiber is well suited. Indeed, a metal headstay anchor could not have been fitted within the sleek hull design without moving the headstay back from the bow. GMT’s solution uses uni-directional carbon to receive and reliably anchor the rig. - and proves once more this material’s versatility in handling heavy loads.

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