Medical Components

The radiolucency and dimensional stability of GMT carbon composite structures makes them very suitable for use in advanced medical scanning equipment. The minimal scatter in beams passing through the material sharpens imaging and reduces damage to non-targeted tissues while the rigid positioning pieces permit precision in targeting and more accurate repeatability.

GMT is an agile company. We quickly understand a customer's needs. We have the engineering expertise and manufacturing experience to develop ideas. We can then rapidly and inexpensively turn out prototype or production parts.

It gives us a special sense of satisfaction to be able to apply these talents to medical devices that are helping to save lives. GMT works with medical technology companies to produce the composite portions of their diagnostic and treatment systems. An example of this is the carbon fiber head frame. It is used during neurosurgery to immobilize the patient's head. Since carbon is radiolucent (it does not show up on x-rays) the surgeon can be looking at a clear, real-time scan of the tumor while actually performing surgery. Our product replaces metal head frames whose components block x-rays and thus hinder surgery.

Another life saving product are these carbon diagnostic and treatment boards that GMT is producing. The system is used first to determine the location of a tumor. With this information, a radiation treatment plan is developed with custom software. During the treatments that follow, the composite board and its accessories allow the patient to be precisely positioned. The tumor can then be irradiated with a minimal amount of collateral damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

If you have a medical system that might benefit from the unique properties of composite parts, please contact us so we can discuss solutions.

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