GMT Aids Scanning and Stereotactic Surgery

Integra Radionics is a developer and manufacturer of innovative equipment for stereotaxy, a minimally invasive form of brain surgery that uses CT scanning and precisely focused X-rays. Integra needed a method which would secure a Gill-Thomas-Cosman head ring for patients lying in a CT-scanner.
This brought Integra to GMT: our carbon fiber structures are radiolucent: the scanning beams are minimally attenuated or scattered. That allows the scanning to much more accurately map tumors, which results in better targeting of X-rays and less destruction of healthy brain tissues. The head frame must be very securely held and done in a way which can be precisely repeated in case retreatment or movement to other medical platforms is required.
GMT engineered and produces the base pad to which the head frame is attached. This pad is constructed with a carbon fiber/epoxy-skinned sandwich. Internal inserts of high-strength pre-cured linen/phenolic laminate provide secure mounting points that prevent pullout of the various fasteners needed in these devices.
We hope you never face first-hand experience on one of our adaptor boards. But, if you do, you’ll be on the best in the field.
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