The strength, stiffness and extremely light weight of carbon fiber tubes makes this material and construction very desirable for conventional spinnaker poles and reaching struts. Typically, such poles are manhandled on deck, so cutting out unnecessary weight is appreciated by the crew and can make their spinnaker work easier, more secure and safer.

A custom solution from GMT lets you combine these attributes with the type and arrangement of end fittings and other hardware you and your foredeck team specifically desire. GMT carbon poles and struts can be clear coated, revealing the distinctive twill, painted to match hull or team colors, or given a Faux Bois finish to appear to be wood.

The attached pdf provides a list of standard diameters (for certain lengths) and readily available end fittings, but we can also build poles and struts to other shapes, lengths and special requirements.

Please see the PDF below for information on how to choose a pole.

Pole quotation form HERE

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