Unique Applications

GMT’s carbon composites can handle shapes that few other materials could assume. At smaller, personal scale, our composites when clear-coated have a unique and thoroughly modern appearance which bespeaks technology. Yet, we can also produce high-performance practical pieces as simple a tanks. And GMT’s willingness to embark on single-unit runs makes us a good source for prototypes.

The beauty of carbon isn’t only in its superb mechanical properties. The material itself, has a pattern and luster that can be captivating. GMT is currently making pieces for sale through two of the most respected names in style; Polo/Ralph Lauren and Tiffany's.

We have worked with these companies to develop the materials and manufacturing methods to turn their concepts into functional pieces. Hopefully, you can get some sense of the grace of these parts from these pictures. Other GMT works have been exhibited at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City.

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