The beauty of carbon isn’t only in its superb mechanical properties. The material itself, has a pattern and luster that can be captivating. GMT has the versatility to create composite parts for a wide range of applications. We have the engineering expertise and manufacturing experience to develop novel designs for the architectural applications.

"If You Can Design It, We Can Build It"
From GMT Carbonics Newsletter, Fall 2007

Nearing completion in downtown Boston is a remarkable new restaurant, named Banq. The interior of this French/Asian fusion eatery has been designed by Office dA who specialize in “cutting edge” identities, here using fascinating ceiling treatments.

The restaurant features an undulating “rolling hills” ceiling of parallel slats and the design motif includes stripes that reinforce the sense of movement. The designers then wanted the restrooms to be just as unique yet thoroughly different, so they designed asymmetric conical ceilings which are actually intersecting pairs of tilted ellipses, complex shapes that would be extraordinarily difficult to build on-site. So, GMT was contracted.

The cones are lit from behind as well as around their perimeters and rise, wrapped by curving walls, to nearly 14 feet above the floor. There are eliipsoid mirrors inset at the top and the ellipse theme is further reflected in the sinks, trashcans, mirrors and fixtures. Cut-outs between Men’s and Women’s rooms allow viewing of each other’s ceilings; so whether you’re male or female, don’t just eat at Banq: use the facilities … and be sure to look up!