The Company

GMT Composites, Inc. has a long history of innovation. The company was started in 1984 as Goetz Marine Technology by principals of Eric Goetz Custom Sailboats. The new company built carbon rudders for race boats and quickly gained an international reputation for providing high quality lightweight structures. Other projects at which GMT excelled were production of America's Cup tank testing models (in addition to AC rudders and quadrants), wind generator blades and propeller patterns and other parts for United States Navy sub-contractors. GMT was one of the first marine companies to make extensive use of uni-directional carbon fiber pre-preg. Word of the company's expertise spread. GMT expanded its market into other industries such as medical devices, aviation composites and robotics.

Increased success in the late 1980's led GMT to explore the development of carbon fiber pre-pregs for use in sailboat spars. David Schwartz joined the company as a managing partner in 1990. Under his leadership, GMT proved to the market that carbon fiber spars would benefit all types of boats. In 1990, GMT secured the first contract to ever be awarded to supply carbon furling masts for performance cruising boats. With racing rules prohibiting use of carbon (until 1994), the cruising boat market was the beneficiary of carbon spar development. GMT led the way in radically altering the perception that carbon fiber spars were only for racing boats.
All through the 1990's Goetz Marine Technology pushed the envelope both in the cruising spars market and the single handed racing sector. Since building its first carbon masts, GMT has built over 1000 spars for racing and cruising yachts from 30 to 120 feet in length. A sampling of GMT's achievements include supplying:

1986-1996 Carbon rudders for winning yachts in Maxi Worlds, Trans-Pac, America's Cup, Newport-Bermuda and Key West regattas.

1990 First pre-preg carbon spars for cruising yachts.

1994 Carbon spar for Hunter's Child, 2nd in Class I BOC, best finish ever by an American.

1996 Carbon spar and rudders built for Cray Valley, Finot 50 for J.P. Mouligne, setting Newport to Bermuda time record and winning Class II Around Alone.

1999 First free standing wing mast for Admiral's Cup 50.