***This praise came from PK Edwards, M.D. regarding the rudder and bearings package purchased form GMT:

“While our major concern was avoiding future rudder breakdowns, an unexpected result has been a huge improvement in ease and precision of steering. The feel of the helm has improved so much we can hardly believe it. With the proper sail combination and trim, the boat can literally be steered with one finger. All the crew members who have driven the boat with the new rudder are absolutely ecstatic.”

After citing their outstanding racing performance over their last 9 races, Edwards closed with this:

“Needless to say, we are very pleased and grateful to GMT Composites for the improvement in rudder performance.”

***Richard and Amber Kipp contracted with GMT to build new masts for their yacht “Vagabundo”, and wrote recently with this to say:

“After the complete refitting of the Vagabundo in 2009, my wife Amber and I sailed it to San Diego in six days and then a month later we sailed it to Mexico (after the hurricane season). While in San Diego at the Kona Kai Marina we were inundated with admirers (sailors and owners) for the beautiful GMT masts and the fabulous paint job! They would virtually stand next to the boat and argue with me that the masts could not be carbon fiber until I pointed out to them the internal halyards. Everywhere we have been people take pictures, ask questions and want to know all the details of the manufacturing of the masts. At most marinas we have to keep our blinds down to get any privacy at all!
Aside from the beauty of the masts, the performance of the boat is dramatically improved on all points of sail. Amber and I are so pleased with the performance of the boat that we entered our first race last weekend here at Puerta Vallarta. The boat's performance was outstanding, which I attribute to the difference in the masts being carbon fiber instead of spruce. Of all the work that was done on the Vagabundo the masts made the most dramatic change in performance, not even considering their beauty. We plan on entering six more races here in Puerta Vallarta over the next three months and expect to win them all!!!!
With sincere thanks and appreciation,
Richard and Amber Kipp”


***When English yachtsman Rob Gray engaged Jeff Rutherford of Richmond, California to rebuild and restore his yacht Eager, Jeff turned to Jim Antrim, the well-known naval architect, for advice. Jim looked at several spar builders and strongly recommended GMT, based on their engineering, price, and attentiveness. Jeff says of GMT work:

“They built a beautiful spar. And I’d do another with GMT: they really respond well!”

***David Shiff inherited an aging Tartan 34 named Odyssey. To breathe new life into this classic yacht, he researched turning it into a more potent racer. That led to deciding on a carbon fiber mast and interviews with several carbon spar builders. He stated that:

“GMT was the only one able to discuss my specifications and answer my questions.”

He described his new GMT carbon rig (he decided to order a carbon boom as well) as:

“A work of art which was built beautifully in every respect. GMT is a delight to work with!”

***Upon his retirement, Dr. Carlos Tessi gave himself a present – a GMT carbon mast for his Seaward 26 RK, to save weight aloft, improve performance, and make it easier for him to step the mast by himself. His assessment of GMT:

”I’m extremely satisfied with GMT. They’re great to deal with.”

Following his recent sail from Bristol, RI to New York, Dr. Tessi had this to say:

“We had some heavy weather and 10-ft rollers when exiting Narragansett Bay, but the boat behaved beautifully. It’s stiffer, stepping the mast is easier, and with Harken Buttcars I can douse the main at almost any point of sail. And I have 40% less mast weight when trailering.”


***Chris Culver, whose GMT-rigged Hinckley Sou’Wester 59 Cetacea placed First in Class A in the 2009 Marion-Bermuda Race, had this to say:

“Obviously, we are happy to see we can hold our own in the Cruising Division with a big, solid cruising boat. Over a period of 30-36 hours, we had one squall after another. The wear and tear on crew and boat is significant. Many other boats had issues with broken gear and fear for their rigs, but we really didn’t worry about our boat or our GMT rig!”

***Another contestant in the Marion-Bermuda Race was George Denny, with his yacht Restive. Commenting on the race, he said:

“We had to beat all the way into Bermuda. It was not nice: that’s a long beat. And it was blowing 20-plus. I didn’t worry about my GMT rig; it’s solid in every respect and strong as hell. Absolutely, they produce a good product and back it up.”


***After a fire destroyed his spars, Gus MacDonald, owner of the Hinckley pilot PANACEA, went to Hinckley Yacht Services in Maine to explore the possibility of a carbon fiber replacement. Working with GMT’s President and Chief Engineer, David Schwartz, they were able to design a new mast that was lighter and taller by nearly 3 feet, to yield added horsepower. When completed, Gus had this to say:

“It’s a whole new boat. She is just gorgeous. At a recent race I started with 18 other Pilots and beat all of them by 35 minutes. Not only did I beat the Pilots, but I beat all the B-40s and finished with the more modern SW-42s and SW-43s. Before the new spars, PANACEA would be dead in the water in light air, now she is competitive and beating boats I could not keep up with in these conditions. She is faster and more comfortable offshore, she now drives through a sea instead of hobby-horsing, plus she heels less and is drier. PANACEA has been in my family for 35 years, and with the new carbon fiber mast and boom from GMT, she will be with me for another 35 years.”

***From satisfied customer Mike Chobotov, who bought a GMT mast:

“I have been thoroughly enjoying the new mast – it’s definitely a completely different (and better) boat! It’s faster on all points of sail, and points higher, too. The weight really pays off to weather, as does the added sail area off the wind. I can definitely feel the added sail carrying ability, as well, which really helps since I sail shorthanded much of the time and now can reef (furl) less often. I get very useful sail flattening with hydraulic backstay mast bending. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and I am a most satisfied customer.”