Gangways and Passerelles

GMT Composites designs, engineers, and builds custom carbon gangways and passerelles for any application. From private power and sailboats, to megayachts and commercial cruise ships, GMT has built hundreds of custom boarding systems. GMT first started building boarding systems in 1994 when we were contracted to build a carbon gangway for a captain who needed a lighter weight solution that was easier to store and deploy. Aesthetically superior, half the weight, and with a longer lasting finish than any aluminum unit, a custom gangway from GMT will be engineered to suit your specific needs, and finished to complement the most luxurious of yachts.


telescoping Gangway

A carbon telescoping gangway from GMT combines the strength of a single piece passerelle with the added space saving benefits of a retractable unit. Manual retraction and deployment keep the unit simple, and allow for compatibility with a wide range of boarding situations. This option is ideal for customers who have the need for a variable length passerelle without a place to store such a large unit.


passerelle - seastair combination

Yachts that travel the world often encounter a variety of docking situations depending on where they are. Sometimes disembarking is at deck level, and sometimes it is well below. GMT has designed a single compact and lightweight solution that can be used flat as a single plank gangway, and also articulates as a set of SeaStairs when needed. This boarding combination unit offers all the same custom options and refined finish that GMT is known for. 


single plank gangway

If space permits, a single plank gangway is often the best choice as it is the lightest and can be deployed quickly. GMT has designed and built single plank gangways as small as a 36" wheelchair ramp, and as long as a 7M (23ft) gangway built for a luxury cruise ship. As far as we know, no one has built a larger single plank carbon composite gangway!


bi-fold gangway

A folding gangway from GMT utilizes alloy hinges to allow the unit to fold in half for ease of carrying and storage. A second pin can be used with the hinges to allow the unit to quickly separate into two sections for even easier transport or storage. As with all of GMT's boarding systems, you have your choice of teak or non-skid finish, as well as a variety of handrail and lighting options.


sectional gangway

A sectional carbon gangway from GMT Composites combines the simplicity of a single plank passerelle with the added benefit of detachable sections that can be designed in any custom length or width. Sectional gangways can be designed with your choice of teak, teak grate, or non-skid finish, and we offer a number of handrail and lighting options.

decking options:

  • Painted composite non-skid deck

  • Composite deck with teak traction pads

  • Full teak deck

  • Grated teak deck

Handrail options:

  • Single or Double-Sided

  • Full Stainless or Aluminum stanchions

  • Folding stanchions

  • Stanchions with braided handrail

  • Stanchions with teak handrail

Choice of finish:

  • Linear polyurethane paint in customer’s choice of color

  • Clear coat to show off the carbon twill

  • Faux Bois (painted wood finish)

Additional options:

  • LED Lighting

  • Padded storage bag

  • Pivoting slewing platform

*All options are available with any style gangway or passerelle