GMT’s carbon composites can handle shapes that few other materials could assume, and the beauty of carbon isn’t only in its superb mechanical properties. The material itself has a pattern and luster that can be captivating. Our composites, when clear-coated, have a unique and thoroughly modern appearance which bespeaks technology. GMT has made pieces for well known companies such as Polo/Ralph Lauren and Tiffany's, and we have works which have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Yet we can also use the same materials to produce high-performance practical pieces as simple as tanks, and GMT’s willingness to embark on single-unit runs makes us a good source for prototypes.

Example Projects

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GMT has worked with companies to develop the materials and manufacturing methods to turn design concepts into functional reality. We are an agile company, and we have the engineering expertise and manufacturing experience to work with our customers to develop ideas, and bring those ideas to fruition.



GMT has the versatility to create composite parts for a wide range of applications. When designing a new restaurant in Boston, Office dA, an architecture firm founded by Nader Tehrani, former head of MIT's Department of Architecture, approached us to build ceiling panels that were intended to emulate rolling hills. The unique characteristics of carbon, being so light and rigid, allow for shapes and applications that few other materials could manage. GMT has the engineering expertise and manufacturing experience to work with you to bring your designs to reality.

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custom engineering & design

The GMT Composites engineering and design department will help you bring your concept into production. Our ability to build composite parts to exact tolerances, detailed specifications, and material demands, is what drives our customer satisfaction and repeat client base. Our veteran craftsmen are key contributors to each and every project from design to manufacturing stages. Each GMT technician has a minimum of 10 years experience in composites fabrication. Let the team at GMT help you realize your custom carbon project goals.