While we can't talk about many of the projects we have worked on for customers such as Northrop Grumman and Draper Laboratory, GMT’s carbon composites have broad application in defense, national security, and law enforcement. They are strong, lightweight, rigid, able to handle extremes in temperature, meet airworthiness directives, and can be made to extraordinarily tight tolerances. GMT is willing to produce at quantities as low as a single unit and prototypes, and has policies in place to maintain confidentiality.

Example Projects



Northrop-Grumman asked us for camera tubes for imaging gear and electronics for troops in forward battlefield positions. We can't reveal more except to say we can work at mil-spec levels on lightweight, strong and rigid products for extreme exposures. GMT provided over 1500 completed assemblies to Northrop-Grumman, not just composite tubes but with injection-molded and machined-metal parts installed as well.


control panel assemblies

GMT was contacted by a long time customer to see if we could help with production of these control panel assemblies. While there was no carbon involved, our customer came to us knowing our capabilities, having been very pleased with our ability to meet very strict production requirements while delivering on time and on spec. This is another great example of GMT's versatility and willingness to work with our customers to help them reach their objectives.



GMT welcomes orders in quantities as small as a single unit, making us a good resource for building prototypes. To maintain confidentiality, which is usually an essential in prototyping, we do not identify our prototype clients or their projects, but can state that these range from processing equipment and medical devices to competitive sports equipment as well as military components and field gear.

Our engineering competence, manufacturing skill, and quality assurance with carbon composites are key factors in support of your decision to bring prototyping projects to us for further discussion and quotation.