GMT Composites specializes in custom carbon solutions for any size sailboat, powerboat, or yacht. We have been building custom carbon composites since 1984; our range of projects is remarkable, and our experience is unmatched. From small decorative switch plates, to giant radar arches requiring absolute precision, our expertise can be applied to a huge range of custom carbon marine products. GMT has worked with builders and designers such as Westport Yachts, Jarret Bay Boatworks, Holland Jachtbouw, and many others.

Check out some of our project highlights below

Custom carbon helm chairs

These custom carbon helm chairs were built for a 90' Jarrett Bay Boatworks custom sportfish. Touted as "the most advanced sportfish ever built," she cruises at 38kts, and GMT had to perform a number of tests to ensure ABYC standards were met. It felt a little like an episode of Mythbusters, dropping 400lb sand bags onto these carbon chairs from a few feet high - but don't worry, we performed the test before the beautiful Faux Bois finish was painted on. 

mechanized custom carbon anchor roller

Many of the custom carbon marine parts that GMT builds require a serious amount of engineering, and this mechanized custom carbon anchor roller is a great example. The unit was required to cradle a 1,000lb anchor from its storage location under the foredeck, and rotate out over the bow for anchor deployment, all while the anchor nests securely inside the articulating arm. Clearly this was a feat of custom carbon engineering that required high load handling and tight structural tolerances.

carbon Cross beam, compression tube, pelican striker and martingale

GMT worked closely with Morelli & Melvin to design and build a number of components for the custom 80' catamaran Fat Cat. When we were first approached by the owner, his challenge to us was to design and build a rig 12' taller than the current rig at the same weight. The real challenge was that the boat already had a light weight GMT carbon mast. With the additional loads of the larger rig, it became apparent that a new cross beam and complementary components would also need to be re-built. GMT stepped up to the challenge and provided a solution which delivered immediate results and made for one happy boat owner.

Custom carbon radar and electronics arch

GMT was contracted to build a custom carbon arch to house the electronics for this 140' Holland Jachtbouw built yacht Calliope.  The designer, Langan Design Partners - Newport, RI, approached GMT for this unique solution to not only provide an aesthetically pleasing support structure, but also because using carbon reduced a huge amount of weight high above the waterline. Saving over 1,000 lbs enabled the builder to avoid adding tons of weight in the bilge to meet stability requirements. The significant overall weight savings meant the yacht would float higher in the water, making her more fuel efficient.

carbon cross beams for 70' custom catamaran

GMT built three carbon cross beams, a mast, and a PowerFurl boom for a custom 70' catamaran that was built in Brazil by Pilgrim Supercats. The 34' carbon fiber beams support 50 tons and more than 400,000 ft/lbs of torsional load. Each beam uses over 700lbs of prepreg carbon-epoxy, which is 900lbs lighter than a comparable alloy structure. The beams were within a 0.06" tolerance over the entire span, and here is what Pilgrim's VP & co-founder had to say about GMT...

The Pilgrim 70 is a revolutionary catamaran - a new concept. Because we pay strong attention to every detail, we slected GMT based on their experience and technology building carbon fiber masts and booms. And they did more than we asked - GMT interacts with clients during the whole process, adding new ideas and suggestions, so that working together we can achieve the best result.
— Diogo Guerreiro, VP - Pilgrim Supercats

Custom Hardtop enclosures

GMT has designed and built carbon hardtops for custom pilothouse enclosures for Moody Yachts, Hylas Yachts, and a number of other custom yacht builders. Many experienced cruisers insist on the benefits of a "hard dodger" option, and going with carbon has obvious advantages. Getting a hardtop to meet functional and aesthetic goals has its challenges, but GMT has delivered multiple times over; and here is what one Hylas 63' owner had to say...

I can tell you with ample experience and credibility that this hard top is far superior to the famous Hallberg Rassy hard top that we appreciated for 11 years.
— Hylas 63' Owner