Sea Stairs

GMT Sea Stairs are one of our most versatile boarding options. Whether you are walking down onto a dock, or boarding a tender, Sea Stairs articulate to stay level for easy and safe boarding. As with all of GMT's boarding options, Sea Stairs are designed and built custom to exceed your needs and complement your boat or yacht.

Sea Stairs can be designed to deploy perpendicular or parallel to the vessel, and have optional boarding platforms top and bottom. The height can be controlled manually, or by the rise and fall of the tide, and a swim ladder can be added off the bottom platform. GMT also offers boarding stairs that can lock flat and be used as a gangway when needed. As with all carbon products from GMT, they are lighter and stiffer than most of the alternatives, and offer a longer lasting finish that is easy to maintain.


engineered better - built better

Going ashore can be risky business when tides change your leaping angle to the quay or dock, and every port has different situations. Most passerelles or boarding systems on larger yachts are heavy and are designed to be used with complex hydraulics. GMT boarding systems offer a simple and light alternative. A ten step unit with upper and lower platforms like the gray one shown on this page is 109" long, 20.5" wide, and weighs only 60lbs!


custom designed

Boarding a vessel is often when guests form their first impression. GMT can design a system for you that not only provides safe and secure boarding, but will also complement your yacht. A custom solution will ensure a proper fit and function, and also allow our engineers to design a unit that addresses your specific boarding and storage needs without compromising aesthetics. GMT Sea Stairs can be designed in almost any dimension with a safe working load that allows for the passage of wheelchairs and other large items, while still being manageable to deploy.

decking & Tread options:

  • Painted composite non-skid

  • Composite with Teak

Handrail options:

  • Single or Double-Sided

  • Full Stainless or Aluminum stanchions

  • Folding stanchions

  • Stanchions with braided handrail

  • Stanchions with teak handrail

Choice of finish:

  • Linear polyurethane paint in customer’s choice of color

  • Clear coat to show off the carbon twill

  • Faux Bois (painted wood finish)

Additional options:

  • LED Lighting

  • Padded storage bag

  • Pivoting slewing platform