GMT Pocket Booms

Taming and controlling a mainsail during reefing or after you have doused can be difficult, dangerous and frustrating. Getting it flaked and properly tied down on top of the boom always takes time and effort. If you are looking for a better solution without sacrificing performance, it may be time for a carbon fiber Pocket Boom from GMT Composites. Our Pocket Booms feature a hollow profile with wide open top, so when you douse your mainsail, it flakes itself between the lazy jacks and disappears into the boom. 

Newport Bucket 2010 350.jpg

Simple and Safe

The GMT Pocket Boom is perfect for the sailor who wants a simple, easy to use system, that does not sacrifice mainsail shape or performance. Large mainsails can be raised, lowered, and reefed easily, even when short handed. Reefing with the pocket boom is performed with a simple slab system that can be successfully and safely accomplished even when the wind is howling. Simply lower the halyard and pull the reef lines tight, and the job is done.

Pocket FEA.jpg


Made from carbon fiber skins with a foam core, the GMT Pocket Boom has been designed to be robust while keeping weight down. Finite element (FEA) studies were implemented to optimize the laminate, and GMT worked with John Alden Design to build a boom that will compliment the lines of any boat.

GMT Composites designed the Pocket Boom to work with fully battened large roached sails on boats from 40ft to 150ft, and custom builds each boom to fit with your existing sail plan.

The GMT difference

GMT Pocket Booms are custom made to fit your specific needs right here in the USA. GMT will not tell you what sail maker you need to work with in order for the boom to perform best. Instead, we listen to what you want, and build a product to compliment your boat and sailing goals.

GMT fit and finish

GMT takes pride in covering every detail and delivering a superior product that not only looks better, but also performs better and lasts longer. We have been building carbon fiber spars longer than anyone, and that experience comes through in the finished product.

Our durable linear polyurethane paint is easy to maintain and carbon fiber does not corrode in a saltwater environment. Other available finishing options include LED lighting, Faux Bois wood grain finish, and integrated awning tracks.