The popularity of asymmetric spinnakers leaves many boat owners in a quandary on how to add a bow sprit, whether as a fixed assembly or as a deployable sprit. GMT Composites addresses this with a range of solutions. Which system you select depends on the rig size and layout of your boat, your personal taste, the type of sailing you do, and the conditions you face, both at sea and in port.


fixed and demountable carbon bow sprits

GMT designs and builds fixed and demountable carbon bow sprits for a variety of sailboats. One of the benefits of a custom bow sprit solution from GMT is that the carbon structure need not be tubular. GMT can engineer a streamlined bow sprit to compliment the shape and color of a yacht's overall aesthetics. Getting the fit just right requires detail and precision, exactly the kind of work GMT specializes in. Custom carbon fabrication is what we do, and adding a fixed or removable bow sprit is no different.


Tube launched carbon bow sprits

A tube launched bow sprit is a nice option for the right application. When space below permits, an internal system is clean and attractive, which can keep the sprit out of the way when not in use. Retractable sprits are not just for custom yachts and racing boats either. Whether your goals are increased performance, or easier downwind sail handling, a carbon bow sprit from GMT might be the answer.


deck mounted carbon bow sprits

Carbon bow sprits designed for on deck deployment are perhaps the most common bow sprit added to boats not originally designed for asymmetric spinnakers. Whether your goals are increased performance, or easier downwind sail handling, a deck mounted sprit is simple, easier to install, and likely the most cost effective solution.

the gmt difference

While there are inexpensive “kits” on the market, GMT believes any carbon sprit installation should be individually engineered and carefully built. The loads in these sprit systems are high, and failure should not be tolerated. In addition, a carbon sprit is a highly visible piece of equipment, so it merits the finer finish that all GMT products offer. We work with each owner on a custom basis to engineer their carbon sprit, build it right here in the USA, and work with their boatyard or boat builder to perfect the installation. To start a conversation with us about designing the perfect asymmetric carbon bow sprit for your boat, contact us or submit an estimate request.