The strength, stiffness, and extreme light weight of carbon fiber tubes make them ideal for conventional spinnaker poles and reaching struts. Typically, such poles are manhandled on deck, so cutting out unnecessary weight is appreciated by the crew, and will make maneuvers easier and safer.

Fittings and finish

Whether you need a spinnaker pole, whisker pole, reaching strut, or anything of the sort, a custom solution from GMT lets you combine the benefits of carbon with the arrangement of end fittings and other hardware you want. Location of internal trip lines and all other specifications are designed specifically for your boat or application. GMT carbon poles and struts can be clear coated, revealing the distinctive carbon twill, painted to match existing spars or hull color, or given a Faux Bois finish to look like wood.


the carbon advantage

A carbon pole from GMT will weigh in at about half the weight of a similar aluminum pole, making handling much easier. In addition, carbon does not corrode in a saltwater environment like aluminum, and our durable linear polyurethane finish can be polished and touched up, for a spinnaker pole that will last.

choosing your carbon pole

GMT Composites offers a number of standard diameter carbon poles from 3" - 6" inside diameter. We build straight spinnaker or whisker poles as well as tapered poles, and we can custom build whatever size carbon pole you need. If you are not sure what length pole you need, that is most often determined by the "J" measurement on your boat. To determine "J" if you do not already know it, measure on deck from the front of the mast to the headstay fitting. In most cases that will be your approximate pole length, but if you are unsure, contact us; we are here to help.